The Music

The Nelson Town Band has a varied repertoire. While we take pride and pleasure in playing marches by John Philip Sousa and other composers, a typical concert also includes show tunes, old popular songs, and even a rendition of a New England contra dance tune written by Ralph Page.

God Bless America by Irving Berlin

The Thunderer by John Phillip Sousa

Our Director by Bigelow

Military Escort by Harold Bennett

Bonds of Unity by Karl King

Washington Post by John Philips Sousa

Colonel Bogey by Kenneth J. Alford

Children of the Shrine by James Swearingen

Belle of Chicago by John Phillips Sousa

National Emblem by E.E. Bagley

Rollstone Mountain by Ralph Page

Manhattan Beach March by John Phillips Sousa

Stars and Stripes Forever by John Phillips Sousa

Children of the Shrine by James Swearingen

Sabre Dance by Aram Katchaturian

Hawaii 5-0

Seventy Six Trombones by Meredith Wilson

Americans We by Henry Fillmore

Prestissimo by Karl King

Procession of the Nobles by Rimsky-Korsakov

Slavic Farewell by Vasilij Ivanovic Agakpin

Salute to the Sultan by Karl King

Precious Lord, Take My Hand by Thomas A. Dorsey arr. by Robert W. Smith

Water is Wide

Blue Ridge Reel by Brian Balmages

Italian Polka by Sergei Rachmaninoff

El Capitan by John Phillips Sousa

Give My Regards to Broadway by George M. Cohan

High School Cadets by John Phillips Sousa

Invercargill by Alex Lithgow

King Cotton by John Phillips Sousa

Liberty Bell March by John Phillips Sousa

Gospel John by Jeff Steinberg

Cool Band tunes from our 2016 repertoire!


Somewhere by Leonard Bernstein arr. Michael Brown was made famous in the amazing musical West Side Story. Click Here
to listen.

Salute to the Sultan by Karl King

Salute to the Sultan was written in 1912 while Karl King was playing Euphonium in the Yankee Robinson Circus band and was dedicated to bandmaster Theo Stout. This particular song was often used for the animal acts during circus shows. The Nelson Town Band does not ever use animals in our shows but we revel in the wonderful music that Karl King wrote for those historic bands.
Here is a listening link to Salute to the Sultan

Arikara by James Meredith

Inspired by the Arikara (uh-RIK-a-RAH) tribe of Native Americans based in North Dakota, this work by James Meredith is an evocative piece without portraying any specific event or story. Opening with a plaintive flute solo supported by an exotic percussion backdrop, the piece features a chorale-like statement in the winds before moving to the faster and more rhythmic main section.
and so many more....

Salute To The Sultan.mp3
Donna Morse,
Oct 18, 2014, 7:57 PM